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  I am Jack's desire not to have bland food  |  August 17, 2018  |

I'm sitting in my backyard... chillin' and enjoying that I have the day off tomorrow.
My aunt comes out a few minutes ago and asks if I want something to eat.
The list of food is stuff she made this week: chicken in some sort of chipotle sauce, cold pasta, and hamburger helper.
Each dish was completely bland. The hamburger helper had zero taste. I threw some tomato sauce on it to give it SOME flavor.
The cold pasta was meh. I opened a can of chili and poured it on top, and mixed in some sriracha to give it a kick. Only way I was able to eat it.
The chicken in chipotle sauce was the absolute worse. The chicken was somehow dry and flavorless. I don't think she used any seasoning.

I love my aunt, and do appreciate that she slaves over a hot stove when it's hot in the house, but these dishes are not for me. She often ends up throwing the food away, because eat it once and never want to touch it again. Like right now, I'm kinda hungry, and the only thing that I MIGHT eat is more booze. Perhaps the chili, but without the pasta.


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